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So, a friend if mine picked up a lamp I've not encountered and can't find anything on. It's an elegant enchantress with a textured army green finish. What's even stranger is the cap is BLUE and then painted with the same. It has the factory green felt with the date of May 73. It looks like a factory finish especially since it's so scuffed up, and that felt looks un disturbed. 

He used split the globe to another lamp but I have a picture before he did. What's even stranger, is the screw top is blue plastic, almost like a rainbow series but it's lighter blue than the one I've seen. It has two stickers which are soaked with liquid but are drying, they look like two different dates of 1971 and 1973. They were over top of each other. 

Hopefully the lava brain trust can figure this out. My first thought was it was a commander, but I've not seen a planter version before.

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So to reiterate, that globe is the wrong globe, the original was swapped to another base for the moment, but that cap matches the base. Also the base is MAR73 not May.

Thanks Keith, I wanyt aware of a flocked model! And this one does not feel fuzzy, that flocking has become more crispy over time. Now what to do.... Reflock it, leave it? I have no idea what this thing is worth as is vs reworked

Yeah, so here's the story: it is, or was, flocked. These, like the entire timeline of the Enchantress, is as fuzzy as flocking, really. A catalog ;page exists, and it gives the following three models. Recall that "elegant" style models had 'mist' liquid which was hazy. The four brass-base Enchantress colors were yellow/orange mist, lime/green mist, red/green mist, blue/blue mist.
8302 (vase), 8402 (planter) was orange/yellow mist with "Mojave Gold" flocking (see Keith's first shot).
8308 (vase), 8408 (planter) was yellow/orange mist with "Malibi Orange" (which is O-RANGE!)
8309 (vase), 8409 (planter) was lime/green with "Mexicali Avocado" (great name, no? Every one of these I've ever seen has gone flat and darkened to an Army greenish-brown!)

The early Enchantresses, like the Empress/Regency/Royal, went through some cap revisions. Early ones had shiny gold "striated" (finely-reeded or ribbed) plastic caps. Some had a metal cap glued over this. The Enchantress Glitterlites had a steel cap glued on; mine has come loose and you can take it off to see the reeded gold plastic cap. Only later were the gold-sprayed plastic caps used. In the early 70s, right about '73 when there was the change-over in Enchantress styles, blue or red plastic caps with flocking or gold paint were used. Some were about 1/2" taller than common ones. They were used on both types.


This is a special lamp.

Pardon my typo above. MALIBU Orange. And yes, these are very special lamps, high on my want list (Keith, your Mojave Gold is great, is it still fuzzy?)

Sorry but not my pics, I found them on OG.  I think it is Fod Riders.  I included the link to the picture page.

Jonas Clark-Elliott said:

Pardon my typo above. MALIBU Orange. And yes, these are very special lamps, high on my want list (Keith, your Mojave Gold is great, is it still fuzzy?)

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