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Running out of new and impressive lava lamps to buy?

Why not design your own MONSTER lava lamp and we (Mathmos) will make it for you.

With this 2 meter tall lamp you can choose the:

Lava Colours: Red, Blue, Green, Black, White, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Purple.

Liquid Colours: Clear, Violet, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink.

Base and Cap Metal Finishes: power coat any colour, galvanised, stainless steel ( a supplement will be charged)


This is a 100% bespoke lamp that takes 2 months to make for you.


The price is £2,570 + shipping and VAT. An installation service is also available depending on your location.

Please contact me if this would be of any interst to you  on harry@mathmos.com




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Well said overall Tim, but since the Goo Kits are available from Magma then it is as simple as putting together a  base and globe kit and not having to dedicate your life to developing a formula.  I'd be willing to work with some people at developing a heating/illumination system.

So who might be interested???

Tim Gill said:

Well Magma tower http://www.magmatower.com does make / install custom lava towers like the mathmos monster so that's really the only competitor to the Mathmos monster.

Its not that easy to just make and outsourse a big lamp, yes its one thing making the base and globe. Getting the goo mix right and finding someone who would just do that easily is going to be very hard. Magma tower spent years working on the gookits and they arnt perfect and Edward Craven Walker (the man behind the Mathmos and Lava Lite USA formula) delegated his life to it so I don't think people will just want to give there mix away.

Jethro said:

I'm surprised that someone on this forum hasn't come up with a product for about 500-1000 that would meet the needs of the "bigger is better" crowd.  Being a businessman I could see a limited production run of a few hundred and outsourcing the vessels and goo.  Who would be interested?

Be nice if we could buy a large lamp kit from one of the manufacturers

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