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Just saw this on youtube. Appears to be a mix between glitter, and lava. Something new from LL.


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Hmmmm...the scrawny little ball burped right from the center is exactly the same thing my recent new goo kit wax did!  

I'm with everyone else...not impressed at all.

I think the "double play" could indeed be awesome with better contents. But these had better not be THE Anniversary lamps.

Admittedly, the first anniversary model, their 35th Anniversary lamp, made in the USA, was a yellow/purple Midnight with a vinyl logo on the base. They were supposed to come out with the huge Titan lamps for the 25th Anniversary, but that didn't happen and they reappeared as the Giant several years later.

Great colors, shitty flow. No Jim that is not the same as the prototype we saw last year.
With improved flow I would like this.

Wow...just wow

What size lamp are they showing for the double play? Anyone know? I first thought it was an accent size (judging by the flow and shape) but upon further inspection, it looks much larger. When looking at the cord exit, it looks like a grande? or a 52oz? surely bigger than a 32oz judging by cord proportions. If that is a larger lamp, and its flowing like that.... No, no, please no, no thank you, have a nice day, I'm keeping my money.

Yikes. I'd say I'm excited to see new products, but knowing their quality, it will just be disappointing. 

I agree whole heartedly with you Tim. But hear me out cross Carols clear goo with this glitter goo!?! Eh??? Me thinks of fierceness! Yes, it would be tacky. As we all know tackiness in moderation is simply unacceptable, thats why we have dragqueens! No offense intended to you Carol clear is bad ass.

Tim said:

That looks terrible! If that's what LL is coming out with count me out on that lamp. But thanks for the update Thom!

Does anybody know how these double globes are filled & sealed? Is it easy to pop caps and refill, or is one literally capped inside the other?

LL seems to be getting further and further away from what they used to be. What a shame! The only thing that remains the same is the trademark shape.

Clear goo and glitter would be badass!!!  Like a Mathmos glitterball?!!!!  As long as the flow isn't that stupid china juggling flow!!!

This really wouldn't be like a Glitterball, as the glitter is encapsulated within the wax on a Glitterball.

Carol said:

Clear goo and glitter would be badass!!!  Like a Mathmos glitterball?!!!!  As long as the flow isn't that stupid china juggling flow!!!

And the sad situation remains: if it has wax and it's from LL, the flow will bore you to tears, no matter how they try to present it...

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