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Last year, before I signed in this website, I used to be a normal person.

I had a couple of Mathmos Telstar, a Lavalite and one china lamp.

One year has passed:

and now I've got more than 20 lamps, and the glitters (I used to hate because I didn't know the good ones) are my favorite.

So, if you're a newbie here, you still have a chance to escape the curse: go away!

But if you stay there, prepare yourself to be an addict of the worst kind!

There is no methadone for or curse!

You've been warned :-)

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I had 15 before i joined, little more than 7 months i have 87

Nice :-)

Uh oh, I guess I'm in trouble then! I bought another lamp yesterday! A Lava Lite glitter in blue! Oooops! Do we have a confessional box here? Forgive me Mother Superior, for I have sinned!

I had one when I joined. Now have over 70 in two years.

About 9 when I joined...40 at the last count...come up to the lab and see whats on the slab...lol.

I can only agree. I came here about 3 month after I chose to get 3 or 4 nice mathmos lamps as I had taken acid for the first time just before and thought that must be a killer combo...well within a year I had around 70 mathmos lamps, all three flocks, around 20 metallics, 3 lunars etc etc...Meanwhile I've got it under control a little bit...down to 25 lamps or so now and when yiu had most things out there and see that most things turn up again and "rare" is just relative you can let a nice lamp end without automatically bidding a crazy amount the last second...it's still hard and doesnt work every time (bought 3 lamps this week) but as astralav said... be warned... or let your emex glow, lol :) ...oh and for those who care: acid and lava dont go as well as one would expect...glitter... thats the thing you want ;)

I love falling asleep watching a glitter lamp go round! I leave on my Lava lite glitter, or my manky old cloudy Sata glitter as a night light next to my bed. The glitter going up looks like little golden souls going up to heaven!

Once you join you can never leave. This is actually a site for recovering addicts but we all encourage each other to stay hooked.

I don't remember when I joined, but my collection has exploded in the last year or two.  I'm afraid to count how many I have now!

Amusingly, I recently posted a picture of the lamps I have above my fireplace (8 lava, 2 glitter) and my mom made a comment like "Wow, you do have a lot of lamps!"   She has no idea... O:)

I had two and now had 14, so not as bad as everyone else.  I just refuse to buy any more until I have the proper place to put them as my kitchen counters have no more room!

It does help to hound ebay for awhile (not buying) to get a better appreciation for what's rare, what certain lamps go for, and about how often they come up.  The trick is the not buying part until you get the flow of what's offered.  Of course, it also encourages what lamps you may want.  I didn't use to think I'd want a Garfield one, but now it's on my list of ones to get.

"Relax,"  said the night man, "we are programmed to receive.  You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave"

Yep! I just checked in to "Hotel Goo" and I'm already a gonner. But at least I'm in great company!

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