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I've decided to tentatively let my Colossus Lava Lamp go. I haven't got the patience to work with it to get it flowing properly and my house is never consistently warm enough for it to run properly.

It is pink wax and clear liquid. It comes with 2 x 200w bulbs. The bass has been altered to accommodate the bulbs.

For sale or trade. I'd be very interested in trade for a wave machine. Possibly fibre optics or maybe an Opal Fluidium but feel free to make any offers.

I'm based in North Wales. Not far from Chester.

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would you ship to France?

Collection only I'm afraid.

I was expecting that :-(

I wouldn't know where to start with posting this. It' ridiculously heavy. Sorry.

I know, that's why I was expecting your answer.

As it doesn't flow, I thought you could empty the master fluid, big difference in weight!

No interest from the UK :(

but big interest from France ;-)

nearly all the weight is in the master fluid.

So without it, maybe it would be easier to ship...

Liam Byrne said:

No interest from the UK :(
Shouldn't be any problem with customs. The UK is still in the EU, although, not for long if the current government has anything to do with it.

Yes, no more customs inside European Community.

I guess I could come to Dover, if there is no way to ship it otherwise.

If you want Liam, we can discuss this in private...

After some thinking I have decided collection only on this lamp. Sorry Astralav.

OK, no problem.

My wife will be happy about this ;-)

Still available to any interested UK buyer.

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