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Update 2: As you can see from pic, I pulled the trigger on the PG.
I figured if I was gonna build some lamps I might as well do it right.
Chucked all wax and liquids I had mixed thus far.
Cleaned bottle and went with 70% wax to 30% Brakleen, 
Distilled Water with PG till I got action.
Teeny bit of dish soap - not even a full drop.
Kinda like the mini balls floating but still up for more suggestions from here.

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you got the wax to move which is a great start. i've had good luck adding some vaseline (petroleum jelly) to the wax to make it a little runnier. just be careful if you do that because petroleum jelly is lighter than paraffin wax and you may need more brakleen to offset it. also it needs some color!

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