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Update on new range of six Lunar sized rockets lamps... Nearing completion

Hello Everybody,

I finally have all the components I need to begin assembly (well, after a few days of polishing I can begin assembling, grr... I hate polishing.)

The spun aluminium nose cones, bases and 'booster' rocket pods are completed!

Whoo hoo!

Here are crude mock ups of how each lamp will look (bear in mind, none have wiring or are polished yet) each one is shown next to a Mathmos Lunar, to show size and proportions, etc.

These are the entry level Redstone models, shown with curved Arc wing or straight Delta wing options.

The Atlas models, with thicker, more detailed wings, again in Arc and Delta variants.

The Titan rockets, with more detail and rocket boosters.

These the first examples of each model, subsequent versions may have minor amendments...

Yes, okay I wired a couple up just to see...!

All rockets use the same nose cone and base, have clear cable, switches and plugs, plus an internal two part heat shield that allows the lamp base to be considerably cooler to the touch than a Lunar (which can get pretty hot!)

Hope you like them!

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they are cool

they look fantastic!

Where does this project stand now?  Are some of these now for sale?  I wish to commend you on your effort and skill.  These look great.  I am only curious at this point in time... 

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