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Anyone have a USA 52 red/clear by chance? My china red/clears flow or lack there of, is crap. I am going to ditch them. Would like a working red/clear.

Let me know please.

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I have one, flows amazing. Maybe I should put it on eBay and maybe I'll get $189 for it lol. But Kris here is an Americana with a red clear globe. I have one and its great. Awesome price too for a retired lamp.


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This is the exact lamp I am looking for. I had one many years ago for a week when some idiot ruined it by knocking it off a dresser. Destroyed it (cracked).

Do you have another for sale?
This is the lamp dimmer I used. That's also the best price I could find for the black ones to match my midnights. They sell white ones and brown ones cheaper, but that would be hideous.

I tried to use one dimmer for the whole thing, but it was too much wattage. The dimmer got REALLY hot after awhile and I found that the lime needed to be dimmed about 40-50% while the blue needed to be full power. So using one dimmer for each lamp allowed me to individually tune them. It takes awhile to do, but once it's set it works wonderfully. Until the weather turns...

Here is a picture of the dimmer. It plugs into the wall or power strip, then your lamp plugs into the plug of the dimmer. Sort of like Christmas lights. You know how you can plug in a string and then plug in another string in the back of the first plug? Same thing.

Hahaha! Peas of a pod.
Na, actually I'm hanging onto my 52oz globes just want to get rid of the 32's.

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