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This is the story from another previous owner of an identical Kenny prototype lamp:

"The Kenny has an interesting background. In 1995 I was the GM for ICON Ceramics which was the largest manufacturer of ceramic bong bases in the world. In 1996, we got a contract to produce 10,000 lava lamp bases for world. In 1996, we got a contract to produce 10,000 lava lamp bases for Haggerty enterprises. We retooled our molds to produce our pieces in a way that would accomodate the lava lamps. There were jesters and clowns and a few other pieces. In 1997, Haggerty gave us the contract to produce SouthPark characters. The one I have is a prototype that never went to Haggerty.


Scott Johnson was the artist that sculpted all of ICONS pieces. He is the son of the late Snellen Johnson who was a famous bronze artist here in the southwest. There were only about 6 or 7 of the one that I have that were even poured (with the stitches and bullet holes). I called the guys that I worked with at the time and we think that these are the only two left. I haven't talked to Scott but if there is another any more besides this left, he would have it. I've asked the other guys I worked with if they have any more of the bases or the molds and I'm waiting to hear back from them. If I come across any more bases I will let you know. Thanks for the feedback and have a great day."

There are two versions of the Kenny prototype lamp. The type with the stitches and bullet holes can not hold a globe

The piece is currently being utilized as a marijuana bong with 6 tubes but I can remove the hardware upon request.the piece is in great condition

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Lol. Nice hardware! Love it!

How does $50 sound?

sounds like your halfway there

what would you need out of this pic to make it  $100.00 ?

Reece said:

How does $50 sound?


sounds like your halfway there, make it $100.00


what would you need out of this pic to make it  $100.00 ?

Reece said:

How does $50 sound?

sounds like not quite enough

can you be quiet


so how many of these bongs did they make and any idea of value of the bong head kenny

I acquired  one of of these about 15 to 20 urs ago..

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