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During some past lava lamp restorations, I've noticed that the 32 oz. globes contain 6 oz. of lava and the 52 oz. globes contain 8 oz. of lava.

Has anyone measured the amount of lava contained in a Giant and/or Grande?
I'm guessing the amount of lava should be right around 40 oz., but I'm thinking it could be as little as 36 oz. to 32 oz. on the low end.

Anyone know for sure?

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I wonder what the different amounts were?...And why the differences considering they both used the 250 oz. size globe?
Let me know if you find out anything...
I see...
So as far as the amount lava you add, do you measure it out exactly, or do you go more by "feel" or the look of the lamp when it's flowing?
By the way, I do prefer the look and flow of the "heavier density" lava used in the older lava lamps....It just looks more lava-like to me then the lighter waxes of today that seem to bubble too much.
I like that anodized red base and cap color. Cool.

Wow...six 52 oz. globes worth of wax....That could be as much as 48 oz. of lava in the 250 oz. globe...Much more then I would have guessed.
Then again, the softer/less dense Grande lava could make the ratio of lava/liquid hard to determine from lamp to lamp...

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