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WALMART has DOUBLE PLAY Lava Lamps on Sale - only three left as of today.

Just want to let everyone know that Walmart has three Double Play Lava Lamps left after discounting them from 119.00 to 57.00. They charge tax so to offset the tax choose Dec 14th as shipping date instead of 3 day free shipping and they Walmart will deduct almost 8.00 from your total so the price remains the same at checkout. They had five - I purchased two as soon as they went on sale.  Great Deal! Cheapest price ever for one of these on the net and shipping was free.  

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Thank you for the tip.  They now have two left!

UPDATE - Walmart is now SOLD OUT of the Double Play Lamps!  Looks like OG members attacked.  AWESOME!

My two lamps arrived several days ago much earlier than expected.  Turns out I paid 53.00 for each lamp.  My invoice reflects this amount which was strange because they were listed for 57.00 and some change. What a deal.  All I can say is that these glitter and lava lamps ROCK! My lamps arrived clear as day and this includes the tubes that hold the wax within the glass globe.  I honestly believe these lamps will someday become one of the most sought after LavaLite lamps ever. Had I known they were this cool to view I would have purchased long ago. It's obvious from the construction of these lamps that it took some serious engineering to make the 8XXX Double work.  One last note - if you buy these lamps make sure to buy extra light bulbs from LavaLite which is the only place to date I've been able to locate the special shaped light bulb that comes with the 8XXX Double. Buy before LavaLite stops carrying them like the bulb for the colossus lamp which is no longer carried and seriously almost impossible to find these days.  Final thought - A MUST HAVE LAMP FOR ANY COLLECTOR.

Like I said in your chat box a week ago, I got one for $10 at KMART during clear out flash sale (a few months ago). They only had one. They are great lamps but I don't use it to often as the center lava tube really takes a while to get going and only does a few blobs here and there. I wish they made these in other color combos at the time, just like the royale, only one combination.

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