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The lava lamp is made by Pliable arts model no. 501 and the glitter lamp is model kl-289. can anyone give me information of them and when they were made and despite what people say these two look great though they were both made in china. the glitter lamp i got for free and the lava lamp i just bought for five dollars yesterday. any information will be nice thanks

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I cant tell you when they were made, but I have one base and a purple/white lava globe, and a green glitter im looking to sell if your interested?

how much for those? i should find a cheap grande too

I happen to have a couple of these lamps, the earliest one I have has a date of 1995 on the side of the cap, however they are still available on ebay bnib.  So i would say yours are somewhere between 1995 and today.  I do not know when they stopped dating them, only 2 of mine have dates, the others do not.

the person who owned the pliable art one has had it since the eighties lol thats why i am asking

and you talking about the glitter i am guessing am i correct?

I have each kind and the one I have marked 95 is a lava, neither of my glitter ones are marked.  I may be wrong about the date of yours, but as I said, an identical model is still being made, so there is really no way to get a real date.

my pliable arts doesnt have the bottle cap screw on cap and neither does my glitter they are both made from china and work well just need a 40 watt for my lava lamp lol

all of my off brand china lamps have a almost shrink wrap type cap, but made of thin aluminum.  only LL lamps really had the screw on type caps and pretty much the same with pop cap style caps.  my lava of this style overheated quite a bit on a 40W, I ended up ordering a 30W from overseas to prevent burning up the wax

surprisingly mine do not remind me of shrink wrap will have to add pictures of there tops

technically the caps on the off brand lamps is called a seamless crimp style top being that they use a seamless tube that they then use a machine that fits over the top and crimps the cap and collar in place holding an interior plastic insert into the neck of the bottle.

heres the caps


okay sounds about right then

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