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Hello all, I'm new here, and new to lava lamps. I've never owned one, but out of the blue I had the idea to buy one for my dorm room. It didn't take long to find out that the new Lava Lites made in China are usually junk, and this website has been an incredible resource to help me learn more about lava lamps and become interested in them, so thank you!

That said, I am looking to buy a vintage Lava Lite from the 70s or 80s, and I would really like it to include the original red-and-yellow box and papers. I don't really care what model it is as long as it's not terribly cloudy and still flows nicely. Blue liquid to match my decor would be an added bonus. I would like to keep the price to $50 or less, including shipping (I am a college student, after all!) but if this is an unreasonable request, please let me know. 

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Hi Seven. You could be hard pressed to find one of these for less than $50 but bargains do come up occasionally. Just keep looking on Ebay or other auction sites and you might just spot one. Good luck.

let LetGo be yout friend. put the app on your phone and search for "lava" and u would be surprised to how many local listing u might have. i have picked up several older lava lamps from letgo at very low prices. just make sure u meet in public areas and try to have someone with you when u pickupitems so u dont end up as a lamp shade or pillow case in someones basement lol

Facebook marketplace has also been great for cheaper local listings. I’d go as far as to say I’ve gotten more off of Facebook marketplace than letgo. Added bonus, you know what the seller looks like before meeting up. Happy Hunting! 

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