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hello i am new new to lava lamp collecting i have a couple of lamps and would like to find a mathmos blue liquid with blue lava here in the states thanks for your time lava jay

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The Blue/blue Astro is very nice indeed. I saw one last year at a boot (yard) sale and they only wanted £20 for it.
My god that is sexy! Clear and the wax is SUPERB! I hate you lava world for giving us crap lamps! DAMN YOU!
So this Mathmos bulb will fit on my old century base? Great.. now I have to come up with the $77 its going to cost to BUY and ship it. Aw well......you get what you pay for from those guys anyway.

Are the mathmos caps just put on the top or are they screw on type?
Hi there, I just got a blue/blue astro a couple of weeks ago and it's a beautiful lamp with awesome flow! I found it to be really dim though... it doesn't seem to put out much light at all, and it gets totally overshadowed if you have any other lamps on around it... I've almost finished sun fading the fluid (we're on day 2 of 6 consecutive days over 40 degrees celcius in my part of the world so it's not taking long! 1 more day to go I reckon...). I've always wanted a clear fluid/blue wax astro but I don't even know if they even exist so I'm kind of making my own. It's now considerably brighter and the wax is a kind of silvery white / light ice blue - looks great! I'll post some shots once I've finished fading it... anyway, this is an option if you get one and think it's too dark so good luck!
Hey lava jay! You can get your blue/blue Astro at:


They ship to the US and have all the available colours.

Happy collecting!
I have 2 Blue/Blues.

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