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I am looking for a Mathmos Lunar Lamp to buy (UK) - does anyone have one for sale?


What sort of prices do they go for nowadays please? (On Ebay?)


I've only just started to look, but am keen to purchase one in the future.


Does anyone know how much the bottle weighs? (& the cap/base separately).


I know i'm a new member, but when i get an itch ...

Thanks, Simon

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they go for around £400 - £500 on ebay ATM. sometimes less, sometimes more.


Recently i've seen some listed for crazy prices like £795 or £995 etc.

i very much doubt a lunar would sell for that unless it wax boxed and unused or at very least mint condition.


i'm running mine ATM but will weigh the base/cap & bottle seperately when i get a chance :)


the ones with cloudy bottles and surface damage to the metalwork will be cheaper. They can polish up nicely and the bottles can be replaced easily. via Mathmos ATM you can only buy violet/red as a new replacement BUT they will make custom bottles up which are expensive but its great to have the option.

There is a guy on here who picked up a heavily pitted base/cap and had it professionally refinished and it looks amazing.

good luck with your hunt, i know what you mean about that itch! ;)


wouldnt surprise me richard.. TBH for a boxed one i would consider a loan!!

oh it wouldnt stop me using it no way!  ;)


i agree about the price as well. at the end of the day if someone has the dosh it will sell, simple as.

Hi Simon, welcome to gooland !

Know what you mean about the 'itch'.

Im still waiting for that naive seller with a minty boxed Lunar....

Hope you get lucky.

Peter :)

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