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I am building up my collection of the above. So if there are any for sale, please let me know.

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Thanks so much - will certainly keep an eye out fot them.
The Wizard, a very stylish and classic design of lava lamp by LW inc. Sadly not available here in the UK
I have 1 Midnight Wizards in the box, the #6424 Yellow / Blue midnight. The base is not the typical gloss black, but has a metallic black effect almost like a car paint with small metallic flecks. It has only been turned on a handful of times and in mint condition. Message me if you are interested, I can get pics uploaded.
I am very interested. Can you send some pics to my email address.
BTW, how do I message you ?
I have a mint Carlisle from 1976, it has the clearest liquid in it and the darkest red that I have ever seen in a vintage lamp. Of course it works nicely too. Message me if interested and I'll take pictures and send them to you. Dave
Yes, please send me some photos.
Hi Dave..........have not heard from you yet on the Carlisle........still selling it to me?

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