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Boulton4461, long story short. I payed seller never sent red/yellow century, had to open a case with ebay before getting a refund!

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That sucks! Do you think they just might've forgotten about it?

How much did you pay for it? D:

ohhh man that sucks!...i saw that one too and it was nice :(

Whatever he has that you may want, go somewhere else. He looks like a train wreck with all the negative feedback on ebay. He seems to act without integirty. Hopefully ebay bans him soon.

holy crap Scott! long time sir!

No they didn't forget. I was told severel times it had shipped. Then they quit talking to me. My money has been refunded.

Thanks for the head's up. Stinks you got effed with. I hate dealing with eBay crap. 

Looks like you may have a second chance to be disappointed.  I hope potential buyers take a good hard look at this moron's feedback and see that he already reneged on his deal with you.


I was in the witness protection program. A man named Scott13C did something dirty to a member of the mafia, but they mixed him up with me. It took nearly a year, but everything is straightened out now. They came by and removed the horse head from my windshield. I got tired of driving around with that thing on.


Dr. WHAT?! said:

holy crap Scott! long time sir!

wtf lol

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