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Hi all

I know I should know better then asking a question like this but basically i have goo-kited a grande a short time ago black wax and orange water. It looked good for a bit but the orange has faded to a very pale yellow. 

I used just standard food color, what brands / type of color would work and not fade, and yes I have not left the lamp by a window / UV so its not that.


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I put blue dye in my son's lamp and that also faded pretty quickly.  I now take an old pillow case and have been covering it every day.  Even though direct sunlight isn't on it, I think even the room being brightly lit during the day does something to the food coloring in the fluid.  I even tried food grade water based air brush ink and that also faded.  It looks awesome when I first use it, but then it does eventually fade.  I wonder if Sharpie ink would fade.  Keith redid a blue fluid lamp with Sharpies and it looks awesome.  Very much like the original LL blue fluid.  Don't know if it faded yet or not.

Nope, hasn't faded.  Not sharpie's though, hi-liter pen, used for highlighting books and such:

Open and remove the felt insert, then squeeze the ink into the water.  Or into a separate container so you can add whatever amount you desire

Thanks Keith, will try that - pictures of the grande and a fue more will be uploaded soon when I have sorted it out.

Link to a pic from 11/5/14, 3 and a half months and no fading, pic included here also;


Blue fluid with highliter ink project - updated pic

Looks great!  I may have to try this if my food coloring one fades

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