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If anyone has a Lava Wave Motion They would like to sell at a reasonable price please let me know.

Thank you.


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Hello Wayne What is the little cube in your photo?
It looks like a little surfer dude riding them killer waves.
I had one of these back in the day.
What is it called and who makes it?
I would say there is some fluid loss. I had that happen to me before, seller stated it was "NIB" and didn't want to unpack it. When i got it, it was about 3 inches less than full.
The triangular one ? Yeah it's a clock. Not really sure who made it but it is rather old. ( 14 - 18 years ) I got mine from a housewares store, but I was told they where popular in gift shops like at hospitals. Sorry I can't tell ya more about it. Or the cube shaped one in the middle, that one I know nothing about found it at a flee market 20 something years ago as a small kid, first wave I ever owned.
Yes The Cubed shaped one in the middle looks like the one I had about 20 years ago as well.
I rememeber a little surfer riding the waves but never fell off his board no matter how hard you shook it he would be standing tall riding that board like a champ.
Its a very nice piece thanks for the info on it.
I emailed the seller asking for photos and explained it would sell better if he had them. After he wrote back telling me he added them, I thanked him and told him it would only benefit him in the long run.

It looks in good condition.
k guys you all are making it hard for me to discourage other buyers, so i can swipe it at the last minute lol.
No problem, but the little cube one doesn't have any thing in it / no surfer guy. The clock thing I have does have a sail boat in it.
O man look at that air gap at the top left corner, that's missing a lot of fluid, lol better stay away from this one.
Yes I agree I think this one might be a defective unit ,just look at the yellow spoiled water inside. If you want a good one make sure the water is clear .lol I think I would pass on it too.
Yes The sail boat was what I had not the surfer guy.
However mine was not a clock.
You very well may be right, if you look closly at the pic you can see that the wave has flopped over to the right / not sitting on the wheel as it should !
Hey are you the one who bought it for $266? I'd like to know the final condition. Does it have it's own black light or do you have to provide you own illumination?

Thanks, Jethro

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