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Wax is too far gone in my new lamp.. can i simply swap the wax from a new lamp to it ?

My enchantress lamp i bought on ebay, is a dissapointment.   In the 10 pics the person posted of it being on the wax looks fine, but i guess thats an effect of the camera not being able to capture the bubbles.

The lamp is a 74, I loove the green liquid in it, it may or may not be redone im doubting it is because the advertisement pictures of this color have the same green liquid.  But who knows.. regardless i wanna save the liquid its clear and a great color.  The wax though has tons of powder in it ?  And the blobs have too many water bubbles in it to count.. Looks terrible.

The globe has a very light green wax color.  I would like to stay with that color if i can, but i dont think any of the spencers lamps have a very light mint green color.

So i was thinking of this lamp.  Its one of the 2018 lamps i think the picture on the box is a neon green but in reality its more of a green/yellow, on camera it looks more yellow so i dunno..  My mom bought this for my brother, and im thinking of going to spencers tomorrow to buy one and sacrifice it for my enchantress globe. 

How do you think this yellow/green wax would look inside this radioactive green liquid ?  Or do you think i should get a white wax ?  Or would regular paraffin wax from a hobby store work lol ?

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Swap out the old with the new.  It looks way better. You're the one that has to look at it everyday. Drop pictures here when completed so we get to see the end results.

wwll i swapped the wax over..  But it seems the chemical chemistry of the liquid and wax from 70s was different from today.. The wax floats to the top imediactly.. had to drain half the liquid out and put in half distilled water to make the wax more dense then the liquid and it dropped now.

So just waiting for it to fully heat up and ill habe to experiemtn on the liquid solution to get it right.

Ok i finished tinkering with it, i couldnt save the original fluid..  and yes that bluegreen fluid was original i had to dillute it by 95% before the wax started to even move..   So i just started over and drained it completetly went the distilled water/shampoo salt route.

This lamp, took 2 drops of shampoo, and 5 drops of salt water before it  would flow the way i wanted.  I then added 2 drops of dark green food coloring and 3 drops of blue food coloring to match the liquid to the original color as best as i could.   But of course my wax is a neon green wax.  Oh and i also had to use the new spring in the new lamp..  Mot sure why but the wax wouldnt break up and form into the old spring.. So i couldnt use the old liquid or old spring with the new chinese wax..  Very odd, but whatever.. it works lol

What do you guys think ? 

I like the way it looks!

Yea i couldnt get the color to be exact like the old one, but i think thats because im using neon green wax vs the minty green wax the original was.  But i like the neon green look

Looks like the Spencers "Alien" lava lamp

Great combo

I have that lamp and maybe in picture it looks like it but not in person.   The spencers lamp the lava looks white when it goes to the bottom, this one is one uniform color.  The problem with the painted spencers lamps is like the alien one the paint isnt uniform and its greener on top and less on the bottom.  On their paint job is bad, has alot of speckles from the spray painting process..  Makes it looks cloudy a bit, even though the liquid is clear.  VS a clear bottle and dye which is truely clearer then painting the glass like that.

I have 6 spencers lamps, all painted glass the only one that doesnt have the speckles is my orange one. 

Ill snap a pic of the two side by side.

Not original but who cares?

Looks great~!

I have vintage yellow and red goo for times such as this, but it's also nice to be creative and customize one of a kind lamps.
Congrats on your endeavors

Yea i learned..  The vintage wax is 100% different then the new wax.. and the vintage liquid is totally different as well.

I wanted so bad to save my old liquid and just swap the wax.. as you see in my first pics that green was amazing..  but that liquid didnt work at all with the new wax.. even dilluted 90% the wax wanted to float imediatly.. 

Here is a trick for future projects

Heat the lava in a water bath until it all floats and all bubbles are gone.

what do you mean ?  The old wax i already tried heating it to save it, but it was too far gone,, even boiling it over the burner didnt do anything..  It worked on my brothers 2004 lamp, saved it from having millions of water bubbles in the wax.. but this one had like white powder in the wax, and millions of bubbles in it that boiling or heating wouldnt fix.

I wish i took a pic of it, but the only pic i took was that one where you c an see the solid nasty wax.. you see the powder in it ?  When the wax was flowing you could see powder inside the wax bubbles..  I dont want to sound gross but it looked like semen seriously

it was trashed then

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