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Wax won't stick to coil?

This is how I did it

1 - Drain original liquid and save it for later. (Use a clean container for it)

2 - After liquid is removed heat the wax on the Lava Lamp base.

3 - After wax melt remove the coil with a hook

4 - Clean the coil with hot water and dish soap, gently

5 - Dry the coil and use break-cleaner  to degrease it completely.

6 - With wax melted put the coil inside.

7 - Let the wax cool down! This is important.

8 - Put the original liquid on the Lava Lamp and close it.

9 - Turn it on!


Your Lava Lamp should be great after this steps

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I have a pile of coils with this problem.... never thought about the braklean so will try the next time I have this issue. Thanks for sharing

I purchased a 90s Silver Streak recently had this issue. Followed your advice but, unfortunately, it didn’t work for me. Still, the wax won’t mix with the coil.  :-(  In all my years of collecting, I’ve never had this happen.  Weird. 

Ive used a bath of hydrochloric acid (for only 5 min)

I'm not that brave.  :-)

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