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It's the fifth day I have this AurasGlow lamp.  I just fired it few minutes ago and realized there were some little things floating inside the globe.  Anyone has any idea on what they are?  Is it normal?  My other AurasGlow globe, the Clear/Violet, has none of these things. 

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Also, the Clear/Red globe has a flow problem...the goo mainly just gets up a slot and sticks to one side and stays there most of the time.
Now that is weird. Are they solid or just discolorations? At this point, I would contact Ravi. I will say that after a few runnings my red one did clear up, but I never had the "things" in mine like you do. I believe Ravi test runs all lamps before he sends them out. Just an FYI.

I sent a msg to Ravi at the same time I posted the pictures in here. He got back to me and this is the exact words he said...

"the floating bits are natural. that is wax that melts when warmed and part of the chemistry. they form with use. The best thing to do is to run the lamp for about 2 hours till it is warm and then carefully remove the glass from the holder. Use protection if you find it at all hot. Once it is out give it a good shake which will cause all the liquid to mix up together and it may get cloudy. this process generally makes the lamp go back to it's original state. so you will again have to light it a few times to get it broken in again. the sticking on the sides etc will disipate over time. This issue is not uncommon for the red color lamp."

So, I guess I just have to keep firing it up everyday and hope all the problem would go away someday. Wonder if anyone who has a Clear/Red globe has the same problem as I do.

The few issues I did have did indeed clear up. There are always tiny tiny little droplets on the inside of the glass, but I am ok with them.

Those small droplets on the side are fine, the cloudiness before or after use are fine.  Even these small floating bits are fine because they seem to melt after an hr of use.  But I'm not sure about the flow problem I'm having with this Clear/Red globe and the overheat problem I'm having with my Clear/Violet globe.



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