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I know the vast majority of the people here collect lava lamps. But, I know many of us do other things. I dont really tell people about my other hobbies, so I decided to share mine.

I like building things. Not just any thing but things that are computer powered. I have a computer in my car that I use for a head unit. As crazy as it sounds it works great. I have GPS, satellite radio, music, video, audio tuning software, and just about anything you can think to add to a computer for audio.

Right now my wires are a bit messy because I recently upgraded some stuff and have not gotten around to cleaning it up.


Instead of a typical unit I have a VGA touch screen.

Another thing I created was an arcade cabinet. The cabinet has almost every game console that a computer can properly emulate. NES, SNES, Sega Genecyst, Sega Dreamcast, Sega Naomi, Playstation, and several thousand arcade games using MAME. The whole system is powered by a typical desktop computer that was modified to work as arcade hardware. It is fully functional as an arcade machine, it can accept coins and it boots right up to the arcade software. The screen also rotates so you can play games like pacman,galaga, digdug, and lots of airplane shooters on a vertical screen. I never got around to installing a proper marquee, but I will some day. For right now there is a "test" one I printed out.


So what do you guys do when you arent looking for lamps?

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Keith, my son has a ton of matchbox and those same cases!!!  He also has a gazillion wrestling figurines!! 

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