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Is there some agreed upon 'standard'... like dog conformation?

Rate. Blob size. Shape. Etc?

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Depends on the lamp.  As they have their own personalities.  Environmental conditions, such as cold, heat have a play in how the lamps react.  To me a combination of "snaking" and large and medium size blobs stretching from top to bottom is always desired. Forget all the china juggling that many of the cheaper new lamps produce.  But to each their own.  That is what make the Lava World go round! 

I'm with Mr. MaGoo 100%!!!  I must say, I luv the vintage stalagmite phase, but the goo kits and modern day lamps seem to skip that.  The goo kits have their own way of starting up which can be kind of cool though.  Not as thin and fine lined as the vintage, but a much thicker more "other worldly" look to them.  As if from another planet, lol!!!  I have some weird shapes that my kits have done in my photo album.  I do like the snakey, oozy, then a few blobs here and there too!!!  I like a more runny effect from my lamps then a more solid lava formation if that makes sense.   Too stringy is no good though.  I think we all have our own preferences as to what we feel is "great flow".  As long as you are enjoying your "flow"  it's all good!!!!  Like they say, ya gotta just "go with the flow"!!!

The thing I've noticed about 'Magma' goo is that I get -blobs- but not so much the 'taffy pull' effect of the older Lavalite ones (from Chicago?)

I'm wondering if I should make the ratio of wax/H2O less.

I noticed the less surf I use the more of a "taffy pull" I get.  I use 15 ml for all of my 52 oz lamps and no more then 225 grams of wax (equal to one cup of melted goo) and I get amazing taffy pull results.  This receipe I cannot take credit for as it comes from Lamphead!  I have kitted a 20 oz and do not get the taffy pull but more of the globes.  It was suggested that this is due to the fact that the 20 oz globes are just too small to get a good flow going on.  I think there is more then one factor that leads to the flow of this goo.  I think surf, heat, amount of wax all play a role in the flow that is achieved on these kits.  I'm almost afraid to play with a 32 oz because I have the formula down to a science in my 52's.  I also think the coils play a factor also.  I'm running most of my 52's on more then one hardware now.  I've made coils from jewelry coil and I found washing machine lint screening that makes an awesome coil.  I throw that in with the original to help break the surface tension of the wax after it hits the hot coil.  All stainless steel of course.  I simply cannot deal with just a bunch of globes floating around....it bores me!!  lol!!!

I personally HATE when lava lamps column too much and for too long. The 32 oz. vintage that I just kitted pretty much only columned, and then about every 3 or 4 minutes would break up into tons of small globes, and then would start columning again.

For me, the perfect flow is at least one big long blob and at least one or two medium sized blobs. If it gets any more active than that, I turn the dimmer down. I like to watch the blobs glide and flow around each other gracefully rather than get really crazy and wild. This is how the two goo kit lamps I've done have turned out, and I LOVE it.

This totally just opinion based though. I don't think there is a perfect flow.

Watch my Float On video of my purple liquid/light blue goo.  That is how it flows.  That is the one I had to add a butt ton of hardware too because I could not for the life of me get the goo to adhere to the coil.  It did the exact same thing when I got it brand new from Lava Lite. 

This is actually important to me because I'm seriously considering making a REALLY large lamp: http://oozinggoo.ning.com/forum/topics/considering-lava-lamp-rollin...

I contacted Kim @ Magma but he never replied. (I since have learned that he has left the company.) I would HATE to spend a bunch of money on goo without having a reliable formulation.

Wow, he must have left recently because I just talked to him a month or so ago.  That sucks because he was a really good customer service rep.  He just sent me some free goods.  Bummer........

Well that explains why Kim has not responded to my emails then. I called MT last week and asked to speak with Kim and the nice lady I talked to took my massage and said some will get back to you but it WON'T be Kim. I have not heard back from anyone yet.

Carol said:

Wow, he must have left recently because I just talked to him a month or so ago.  That sucks because he was a really good customer service rep.  He just sent me some free goods.  Bummer........

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