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So here I am all excited that I at least found a 52 ounce with a black base and neon green wax. Since I can't seem to find the Grande version I settled for now. 6 hours after plugging it in it decides to move. This is the worst flow I've ever seen. In fact, I'm generous in calling it flow at all. This is my first Chinese 52 ounce. Could it possibly be the bulb that came with it? I did notice reviewers had mentioned how long it takes to warm this one up.

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Is it brand new, or not been ran for awhile?  That is typical for a first run of these.  Even after the break-in period they are slow starters, taking an hour and a half or so to get to full flow.  But the flow is decent and enjoyable once they get going.

Hi Keith. Yes, it is new. I started this one back up today at 7:30 AM. 5 hours later I saw movement but it is exactly the same. A slow and gigantic single bubble rises to the middle of the lamp and slowly falls. Then repeats.  The Grande spiked after a half hour and then flipped it's coil to the top and put out a bunch of inch sized balls that stayed suspended like jellyfish. 100 watts is too hot for this one all of a sudden. There are times I swear they get into a mood. LOL This green one needs to improve A LOT. Lesson learned. On a Monday I can only tolerate ONE chinese lamp in my office at a time. 

Ah shoot Critter. I was afraid of that. I'll give it a week to change its' ways and then I'll dump and regroup. I'll have to put it somewhere that I can't see it every second of the day......in my office no less.  I'm in a business that requires an intense sense of urgency and there this thing sits kicked back blowing one slow laid back bubble at a time.....grrrr. 

Hi Keith. Just a follow-up on this lamp. You were correct in that the flow did improve with each run. Still a bit ho hum but it's getting there! The start-up time is improving with each run as well.

I may be out of line here but why not add some glycerin or salt water to reduce the density of the liquid thus making the wax relatively lighter? My logic may be off but that has worked for 2 of my globes. However, I did have to add some surf to both of them too. Note that they were both pre 2000 vintage.

If you think that you need more heat then maybe a reflector bulb of the same wattage would do the trick.

I refer to the flow in your picture as the "Psychedelic Slug" :-)


Hysterical! The psychedelic slug... That makes it almost groovy. Hey, I'm open to suggestions as I have never opened or fiddled with one of these. I've been very lucky with Grandes until this one. They have all, 6 of them, been clear and have incredible flow. As for this one, I've tried the less invasive approaches of a reflector bulb, switching to a regular Grande base without the holes in the base all to no avail. This lamp ran a number of times before it failed. Sounds to me like something changed chemically but I am no expert. It sounds like I'll be opening it up.

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