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I found this on eBay while looking through the motion lamps. It was cheap enough, so I bought it. 

It looks identical to a lava lamp base, but there's no seam or pinch. It has a color wheel and it definitely seems like something went on top (otherwise, why the pinch in the base?). It doesn't fit a 32oz. globe and it doesn't fit a 52oz. globe either. It doesn't get hot enough to heat a glitter lamp (and hence, a lava lamp).

The adapter says Made in China. There are no maker's marks on it, though one sticker leads me to believe it was made in 1999. The color wheel is plastic and somewhat flexible. 

Any ideas? 

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Ooooh, now that's pretty!

If you get one can you tell me what the next weeks UK lottery numbers are please. :D

LOL Sure thing. I want 10% though. Wait, 20.

Na, I'm not greedy... 50-50.

You are very kind. :)

Erin, I am interested in it. I have two vintage kaleidoscope lamps from 1980. How much you want for it?

How's $20 shipped?

Sounds like it's sold to me! New to the goo group when it comes to exchanging transactions with each other? How would you like to make it happen? : ) I have paypal, and ebay account.

Erin said:

How's $20 shipped?

Sorry, it *JUST* sold on eBay about 10 mins. ago :( I'll let you know if it falls through for some reason.


No problem Erin. Good luck with the transaction. Sure would have loved to have had it though.

I'll let you know if it doesn't work out! Thanks for the interest! 

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