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I was excited to have the chance to buy a fantasia glitter lamp locally. When I got to see it, I was disappointed though. The reflective coating on the glitter is gone. Is it worth anything, is it worth buying?I would like to resell it to someone who could put in new glitter in it. Here's a picture:

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Ok, so I didn't get this one, but I think I found another close by! Is this a fantasia lamp?

The pictured one isn't available anymore! I'm going to keep looking, hopefully I'll find one soon.

I have a somewhat rough Cosmic Window casing (sans globe, top cover, electricals, bottle support, and felt pad) and I wish I could do something with it.

Yes, Cowmation, that was a Fantasia "Glitter Lamp" (the actual model name) in the uncommon black - common finish is matte silver.

What's wrong with your cosmic window? Are you going to refill it?

What's wrong? It's a shell. As noted, it is missing the globe, socket and cord, internal globe support, top cover, and felt underside, and it has some scratching and scuffing. If I knew someone who wanted a big project, I'm sure something could be done with it, but right now it's both rough and as incomplete as it could get. Bought it over 17 years ago, exactly as-is, from a junk shop - before I'd ever seen a Cosmic Window - because it looked like it had to be a case for a lamp.

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