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I have had it running for five hours now and the longer I run it the more it separates the lava like this whereas my white fluidium will look like this other picture even with it running that long and longer. I know the cloudiness probably happened from being shipped during a hot summer and probably was shaken around from the shipment from the UK to US but now I am wondering if it messed up the lava as well? Idk. Any ideas? Diagnosis? Best solutions for fixing it? 

Also... I'm comparing it to this white fluidium o have which works great!

Hi, I don't have a fluey (love the opal one!) but I'd say the orange one is way too hot

That's what I thought too but I'm using the exact same base and bulb as the white one. So I'm not sure why it happens to the orange one but not the white. That's why it made me think that it might the lava... so I'm a little puzzled. 

Quite understand your puzzlement!

Better wait for the expert goo-heads before opening the fill, in my book

Meantime, couple of thoughts?
Have you tried switching the globes/bases?

If orange still bubbling, try either lower wattage bulb or (my guess) an inline dimmer?

I've fitted dimmers on all my Astro-sized lamps and over, with good results

I hate to disappoint but the lava looks finished. You may want to consider a refil! 

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