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Hi all

I would like some info. I have a 52 ounce clear liquid and yellow lava I got from Spencer’s last year. Well it has a 40 watt clear bulb that came with the lamp. I need to get a new bulb and it look as the right bulb is a 40 watt frosted one. Dose someone out there knows if the right bulb is a 40 watt clear or a 40 watt frosted.

Thanks Roger

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They have been sending out lamps for years with the clear bulbs, even when they were still made in the U.S.. I would try the frosted bulb first and see how it runs, if it runs fine leave it...if it dont run, go back to the clear bulb.

A frosted bulb is the proper bulb no matter what it came with when new.

I am curious to know - why is the frosted bulb the correct one and not the clear ones?
Thanks for the info. All of mine except the teal that came in Tuesday, have clear bulbs. I still don't understand why my lamps don't "lava". They just seem to mostly have this huge column of good all the time. Never the balls of goo.
I have 4 52 ounce China lamps and they always overheat with the clear bulb that came with them. I looked all over for frosted bulbs and couldn't find any so I bought 20 of them on EBAY last week and picked them up last night. What a difference. The lamps action stayed true all night, no obnoxious collection of small balls of wax at the top. I'm sold I ran two with the new frosted bulbs and 1 without last night and the one without overheated while the other ones stayed true for about 8 hours until the timer went off.
What was your total cost for 20 bulbs? Trying to find a decent price on them as I have a few that need to be changed out.
Dunno if you have a "Dollar Tree" store in your area, but if you do they have the frosted appliance bulbs...$1 each....not too shabby!
It was $1.00 a bulb for the 20 bulbs and 9 dollars shipping. I had to buy these because I checked, Wal-mart, Target, Home Depot and Menards and none of these places had the frosted appliance bulb.
You know......this might be a bad time to mention this since you already got the bulbs....but you can use the frosted ceiling fan bulbs. They are the same thing as an appliance bulb.
I have used them with no problems.

Great info

Thanks Roger

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