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So, I have a lamp that I replaced the master fluid in, I’ve used 70% h20 and 30%P.G. I coated the globe with a good 50/50 mix of SLS, poured that out, dropped the coil in, and funneled the warm wax into the globe as per usual. It looked nice and clean and ready to be awesome. I let the wax cool completely at the bottom and then funneled my h20/P.G. Mix in and the wax is sticking to the sides as if I hadn’t used anything to coat the globe. Also the wax seems reluctant to move upwards but when it does, it shoots up to the top, gets stuck on the glass, and slowly drips back down again. Pretty annoying to watch…. I’m thinking the globe is to the point where I need to soak it in gasoline or paint thinner in order to get down to bare glass, then coat it with SLS and try everything again… what do you guys think?

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I think you should look a few lines further down at "discussion" I posted two days ago and watch the video...


Its about how to prepare glass containers to not make it stick to the glass...and this stuff is super sticky and the process quite elaborate.

Oh! Okay I’ll go over it agin and put it to the test. Thanks! 

Ah ha! That’s certainly worth a try! 

There are many ways to clean a globe
Last resort, try rinsing the globe with acetone (not gasoline)

Let dry

I believe your problem is your SURF technique/quality
Not sure what intensity of SLS or SLES you using 
I've been ripped off by a soap-making chem company that diluted the hell out of it when they were low on inventory

It also comes in various strengths from legit resources which are shown by their sales price

If you're using top% SLES or SLS, it will be almost a gel-like texture.
I use the better high cloud point SLES and dilute with distilled water only enough to lower the viscosity so I can use a bottle-fill machine (10/20%DW)

Coat the globe with an overabundance of SURF
Make sure you coat the top by putting the palm of your hand over the top of the globe and rolling the SURF around the inside by spinning the globe (do not shake)
Pour the remainder of the surf back into the storage bottle to adjust the flow at a later date

Add wax, let cool

I’ve coated the globe with this. I’ve tried using it as is and diluting it 50/50. I think you’re right, I should just use an acetone and strip the globe’s interior and start again. 


 tossed a whole bottle of that in the garbage

Was ineffective

Try some form our shop

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