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k so whats in a wave machine?????????????? and don't say silicone oil either!!! Guess what that's just wrong that stuff is like Heinz catchup it is way to thick. I just order this hoping I had finally done it, And was going to make the "Alantis" wave vessel replacement I have been trying to master for so long. And once again FAIL.

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I always understood it to be (what we in the UK call) liquid paraffin and water, the water being the coloured, heavier ingredient, I could be wrong though.
Replying to myself here, here it is


Although they are colouring the paraffin, which is the top layer. I suggest try blue water soluable food colouring to colour the water
Thought about it just worried the additives / ( kerosene ) in it will eat the acrylic plastic up.
I'm thinking your right,lol
yeah, man. they make that paraffin oil in all colors for use in oil lamps. Do you know a lot about how these work? I'm interested to know more about them. They are so expensive on ebay though. if you figure out what's inside, couldn't be too hard to make the mechanical part.
V&P naptha at the hardware store, or the liquid "camp fuel" are both mostly naphtha and are much cheaper in 1 gallon cans than lighter fluid, but the mix of hydrocarbons vary in purity. The camp fuel that is sometimes called "white gas" is usually cleaner for use in old-fashioned lanterns. The lighter fluid and solvent type naphtha is usually a slight dirty yellowish color.
Well, paraffin obviously wont eat plastic given that they put it in a plastic container, and neither does naphtha given that they sell it in plastic containers too. Then again, different types of plastic are soluble in different solvents too. The varying densities between the naphtha and paraffin might make them produce different effects though. it would be interesting to see what sort of waves both make. if the paraffin works it would probably be best because of the extreme flammability of naphtha
Cool. I wonder where I can get cheap acrylic tubes...

LAVA® brand motion lamp and LAVA® brand WAVE® motion machine cleanup:
The LAVA® brand WAVE® motion machine contains water and silicon oil. Wearing rubber gloves, carefully pick up and dispose of waste material into a proper container. For carpet, blot up spilled material with an absorbent disposable cloth and then follow the cleaning directions from your particular carpet manufacturer. For floors, wipe up with disposable cloth and clean with normal floor cleaning detergent.

Wonder where they get their info.

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