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k so whats in a wave machine?????????????? and don't say silicone oil either!!! Guess what that's just wrong that stuff is like Heinz catchup it is way to thick. I just order this hoping I had finally done it, And was going to make the "Alantis" wave vessel replacement I have been trying to master for so long. And once again FAIL.

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How do you seal the ends? just a flat piece of plexiglass? what sort of glue would hold up to solvents and stuff?
They will make end caps custom for you, I have a freind at my job cnc machine some out for me out of plexi. I just use super glue, works good for me.
I wonder if there are different weights of silicone oil? Lighter weight = less viscosity? Or is there a way to thin down the silicone oil?
Yeah I have found different weights of silicone oil some as low as 50 cts. But i'am sure 1 of the 2 liquids is water now ( after more experiments ) and the other is some sort of fuel because it smells and ignites as one so there would seem there is no place for silicone oil ??? You can thin the oil / any kind with paint thinner, xylene, or other, but they are strong chemicals and will eat the plastic with out a doubt.
Maybe it's silicone oil cut with petroleum distillates, hence the smell he described earlier.
Update: k so paraifin oil is not the right stuff either, to thin looks like water but is a immiscible liquid to water looks great in the wave vessel, but dosen't make waves in the vessel when the base is turned on : ( I'am going to give up hope for now I have spent way to much money and time trying to make a good working wave with no success !
K so dumped out about half of the paraffin oil and mixed back in the baby oil they mix good ( the paraffin oil acts like a cutting agent to the oil ) it did work better than pure paraffin oil but worse than pure mineral keep in mind the pure mineral oil seemed to be a tad to thick. So it would appear that is I find the perfect mix I may find something that works...... BUT good luck with that !!!

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