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Folks,  I bought this in Mass this past weekend.  The date code on the cap is  H3408 05051901 (China - Black/Clear).  The guy told me that it is missing a sticker on the front.  The one that is there is a tachometer that reads lava.  The base is a cool resin diamond plate as is the cap.  It runs pretty good but I think the trip back to NY clouded it up.  thanks for the input, Scott

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Oh I have seen these in the Uk. There were a series of them. One with a flame and the other with playing cards. Lava brand limited run. They still have them here on EBay new. Was tempted with the flame one it was cool. In fact I am sure Jill Brown sells them in her eBay shop!
YUP sticks here too. Probably shitcan the fluid and run with a red as well. I saw the one on ebay this morning. You can google resin-lava and they all pop up. Cheap buy, $10

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