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Where can you order empty bottles and light fixtures to make your own lamps?

I am disgusted with Lava Lite. I have had (3 new) - 52oz Lava Lite and all 3 came in cloudy, 2 was DOA and 1 died after a few of days.

I have seen the lamps made from Absolute Vodka bottles. I am under the impression that the glass has to be tempered. Is this correct? What type of fixture will accommodate the Absolute bottle and other unique bottles and where can you these items?

I would greatly appreciate any help finding these items.
Thanks for your help!!

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HI Jarrell!
I understand your disgust with LL. In the past they have all but taken quality and thrown it out the window....the new (2009) globes are better, much clearer and run very nicely. However, making your own lamps is great fun!
As far as tempering the glass goes, I have never found this to be necessary. (Please feel free to look at my photos to see the customs that I have done.) Most glass that is used for commercial food use (liquor bottles and the like) are very thick to prevent breakage during shipping. Also, in the process of creating the glass it is heated to such temperatures that it is tempered as it is poured into the bottle shaping mold. I have had no trouble with any of my bottles cracking and I have made quite a few custom lamps from Absolute bottles, as well as other unusual and decorative bottles.
If you have any questions, please ask, I will be glad to help you anyway that I can in your new lava lamp making adventure!
i have 2 century globes but they need tops. one is from a clear/purple silver century and the other a ??/red which did have a gold top. i woulod be willing to sell them cheaply, though you would need new tops
Hello Again Jerrell!
I was thinking....I have some extra globes and bases, as well as some empty absolute bottles and bases that will fit them. I have TONS of this stuff that is extra leftovers from my projects. I would be willing to part with them quite cheaply if you are interested.
Thanks Bert. I have to apologize for being so long getting back with you and everyone. My son who lives in Pa. was involved in an accident about 2 yrs ago and I lived there for a while. I have just moved back to Florida and have busy getting things setup here. I am definitely interested. Please let me know what you have to get rid of and how much you want for them and include shipping.

I see the old milk jugs and all kinds of unique bottles at the Daytona Flea market, how or where would I get bases for these bottles? That is my a puzzle.

My Grandson and I went to your web site. It is great. It appears I may have to spend some money with you for my Grandson. Good luck and keep-R-going!

Thanks and waiting to hear from you.
Yes please let me know what you would have to have for them. Sorry again for thaking so long gettinig back with you.

Thanks and let me know.
Yes I have, and would love to have several. They are expensive but to quote an old phrase "You get what you pay for” Mathmos will not ship to the US as I understand so how would you get one and would it be affordable?

I ordered a 52oz from Cool Stuff and was DOA, I then called Lava Lite but no answer just an answering machine. A total of 4 phone calls with no results and 3 emails I finally got an answer they shipped a replacement out and was appreciated but it also was DOA! I sent another email with a serious concern of the quality in reference to Lava Lite. They sent another replacement. I appreciate the replacements but the 3rd one worked for a few days and then died. I am going to just dump the contents and replace it with Lava Louie. It seems as if everyone has had good luck with this product. Maybe Lava Louie needs to take over Lava Lite, and bring all the production back to the US. This could maybe revive a once dependable company. I have one of the '70s lamps and works the 1st time, every time.

Thanks Astrobaby for all your input and is always appreciated.
name a price. of course you need to pay shipping. i may have some extra starlit bases gold and silver , possibly black
I had rather you give me a price I would not want to have you upset with two low of a price. If you have an idea of what shipping would be add that also.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Thanks, jMaxwell
If I understood wright, the packageing was the standard tubelur design about 20" in height. I have had lava lamps for a long time now but have never really got into like I am now I don't understand "Royals". They are from Lava Lite and "NEW" but with no logo on the lamp itself just on the box.

Please let me know if this answers your question.
upset me already! : )
Hey Jarrell!
I have been digging though my collection of lava lamp stuff and have come up with quite a few bottle/base/cap sets as well as lots of random bases. Some of the sets are new, as I just bought the lamps for the lava and never even used the bases. Alot of them are still in the plastic.
The bases for "custom" lamps; Absolute and others can be made from regular lamp bases. I just find a base that is a close fit and then modify it with tin snips until it fits. If you look at my custom lamps you will see what I mean. It is not difficult at all! The square ones are a little tricky, but if you use a hammer (very gently) you can make these too. Sometimes I use old candy tins that I electrify using the "guts" of an old lava lamp base. Making your own lamps is so much fun and very rewarding!
I will get a nice lot together for you and let you know. Do you want some extra bases to modify too? I'm sure that I have some of those to spare!
If you are looking for anything special please e-mail me and I will look and see if I have it.

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