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white squiggle 52 oz planter has small nic/chip to the paint on one side.....comes with vintage flower ring shown....gold top bottle flows nicely.....mandy wants 75.00 shipped for this one

she also has a smaller gold planter that she wants 45.oo shipped for ...i forgot the name...you guys will know......come as shown with the bottle and vintage flower ring

...remember these are shipped prices...........

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I am also interested in the enchantress planter. Keep me in mind if not already sold. I just bought one with an orange bottle that would look quite nice with those flowers.
Too Cool, I love these lamps with the plastic flowers
ok astrobaby...i'm running the lamp now...to make sure it flows ok.........
and osolava i will have pics of another enchantress with flowers i'm runnning also........that will be for sale.....
i think mandy has 2 more enchantress planters she is going to pull out for sale...........

we are getting rid of alot of extra/double/triples/quadripplie/multiple lamps............phil
Sounds good, I'll keep checking back
No no, I know how hard it is to get lamps across the pond esp from someone reliable, and that is a good price for such a nice color combo. I am good with waiting to see what else they have. Besides, I am just rearranging some of my color combos, to see what pretties I can make. So please dont you even think of giving that one up.
Are any still available????
all lamps are still available plus many others.....the big planter flows well the 2 smaller planters need some adjustment...one of the just does the coloumn of lava[overheating?] and i forget what the other one does...its been awhile.phil
Hi Mandy and phil ...
Sorry for the delay ... had a family crisis. I am very interested in purchasing the lamps. Can you tell me exactly which are available now and I will purchase. Can't wait to hear from you! Really want an Enchantress with flowers. Also looking for an Aladdin.
Thanks so much,
all still available..plus many others......we are remodeling and i just found about 20 boxed lamps in the bathroom closet and a pink/red glitter wizard in the corner..reply to mandysbus@yahoo.com .........i dont check on here everyday if i'm busy.phil.....[mandys workin 12 hour shifts]

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