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Greetings All

I am need of some help/assistance.  I recently bought a Mathmos Astro wired for the UK.  I am wondering if anybody has any suggestions for possibly rewiring to 120V for the US?  Is it possible?  If not any suggestions on transformers?  Please any suggestions would be appreciated.

-A goo head in need

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hey - i did a write-up on how to re-wire an astro for 120v.  check it out: http://oozinggoo.ning.com/forum/topics/converting-mathmos-astro-for

Brads writeup in the comments covers the conversion perfectly. If you go with a converter this is the one I use. Works great, no problems on an Astro or Jet so far.

Oh man. Thanks.  I really appreciate it Brad and Vox.  I thiink I will try rewiring.  The instructions seems pretty straight forward.  I will try to have wired and flowing this weekend.  Will share pics as soon as I can.

Thanks again

You can also order Edison screw 110 bulbs. Then all you need is a plug adapter.

That's you foo!  Tim's basement for one of the Thanksgiving Eve get downs. I believe that is one of the first lasers you ever purchased.  Heading over to a buddy's house now to test my electrician skills.Will post pics/vid when able.  Wish me luck!

analoghaze said:

Let me know if you need help or anything.
Lets see some pics of that bad boy flowing when it is done.
What is that pic of next to your name?

no problem.  good luck!

you can, but your lava lamp won't flow.  uk plug voltage is 240v, while US is 120v.  the converter needed is about $100 and is called a voltage step up transformer.  otherwise, one must re-wire the lamp and use a US bulb.

Reece Fox said:

You can by a converter which is only about 10 dollars or less

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