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My wife just bought a Wizard lamp on e-Bay. We noticed a smell of dry-cleaning solvent near the bottle cap. It reminds me of perchlorethylene, but I'm not sure that is exactly what it is. Any way, the fluid in her Wizard seems to be evaporating. Do any Wizard owners know if that scent is normal? We are concerned that we may have a defedctive lamp. (In case I can't log in to Oozing Goo again, please also reply to HalStory@aol.com )

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Perchlorate is definitely one of the chemicals used in the wax. Is it a screw-on cap or bottle-cap type? If it is screw-on, try removing the cap and checking the seal. If it is a bottle-cap, tightening the seal is more difficult. There are several discussions on how to re-seal a bottle-cap. Check them out in the forum.
One note: many bottles have a slight smell up close, but do not lose fluid, and they perform great over many years.
Thanks for the reply. Now I have to learn about a "hand capper"..... What is it and where can I get one? (My wife is unusually sensitive to chemical odors and we need to make our purple and silver Wizard lamp stop oozing aroma.)

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