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got a bunch from a guy off craigslist! some of it new in box! dig it!
the first photo is kinda organized, the second, most of the stuff! doesn't include the non-lava glitters and lava lamps
(how was the celestial packaged? just in some bubble wrap? if so, this sucker is new in box!)
(sorry about the blurry....)


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Oh my my! SCORE
And was it a bargain or an arm and a leg?
a bargain!
well, i think a bargain. $150 for all of it! the starship has never been assembled!!!
now for the hard decision, do i run the things that seem to have never been run or do i sell them on ebay to pay for the new windshield i may need 'cause a rock was kicked up on my ride back and chipped it.....
I would consider that a bargain. Too bad about the windshield. I don't think that running them would hurt the value, but hopefully you won't have to sell any.
The windshield can be repaired w/o having to be replaced but have it done ASAP before the chip turns into a crack.Personally I won't run a new lamp if it's still in the box,I picked up a few myself on Craig's list and just packed them away.Twenty years from now when my kids decide to sell my collection those new lamps should be very valuble.
Nice buy. $150 is a great price. I would keep it unless you don't need it or need to sell it.
Are you sure the cops were not following you when you left ? LOL Great deal for sure, nice score. As far as keeping globes "never" ran, its much easier to sell lamps ( on Ebay ) with pictures of it running, when I see a lamp posted as "never ran in box" I think that they are hiding something, plus only hardcore collectors can tell the difference or have ever seen the difference so its no big deal to the buyer, they just want a lamp that runs. Enjoy them, they will last 30+ years when treated properly.

Another thought about storing them; make sure that the coil is at the bottom and covered with wax. I picked up a few globes a year ago and some of them had the wax "upside down", the coil was on top of the wax. Apparently it had shifted and then stored. With the coil more exposed to the water it had corroded some and caused black flecks in the wax. I may be wrong on what caused it but that is what it looks like.
The guy you bought from on CL must have been a former Spencer Gifts employee or something, that is quite a haul...
Do you have a full list of everything in that pile you could post?

Congrats! Excellent haul indeed!! Great price I think!
I am seeing about 10 lamps total so at $150 for the lot I'd say approximately $15 per lamp is a hell of a deal considering that you have a Celestial, a Garfield, a Peace lamp and a Starship in the mix. Nice job!

I'd keep the lamps because you likely won't come across a deal like this any time soon.
Without doubt, a super bargain!
Craigslist is my new obsession, I recently acquired a silver Starship with yellow lava and blue liquid. With shipping I paid 16.70 for the whole thing, the best part is that the lamp was only six. The lamp has a great flow too... pics to follow soon.


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