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I'm looking for dead or unwanted globes and bases so I can experiment and grow my collection
My main search is to get my hands on  a colossus base and globe so if anyone has one they're willing to part with PM me and we'll discuss a reasonable price.

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I might have a couple US 32oz bases/caps and a globe or two. I am picking up the remainder of my collection over the holidays (parts were in storage) I will let you know what I have available once I sort through everything. 

EVERYBODY wants a Colossus!

The granddaddy of lava lamps

Even more so if you find it with the table attachment

Almost impossible to find but always worth a try

theres always hope Claude J and if I can find an original I might design and hand blow a colossus globe myself, I have in depth knowledge on glass blowing and mold making techniques

Make me one too!

borosilicate glass

I'm considering just buying a long 6ft x 12" tube and making my own column

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