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Hello OG and affiliated families!

I thought I would put together this discussion to bring out items that have been brought back to light. We don't necessarily have to wait until all of us have imbibed into oblivion on December 31, 11:59pm to post, rather contribute anything you have un-earthed, kept locked up or buried, swept out of someones garage or are just thrilled to add to your collection.

The focus is targeted on Lava/Mathmos/Lights-of-All-Kinds but anything out of the ordinary is welcomed. This thread can also be used as an aid to anyone else looking to add some form of new collecting habit.

We all love your new Chinese 20oz juggler, let's try to keep them out of here though.

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2014 has been a good year for me. I picked up 5 vintage collectable Crestworth/Mathmos lamps this year. My best find was a purple metallic Astro for £1

Great thread Nick... a good year lamp wise for me too...

Best find would have to be my Telstar Glitterlite.

Also a Telstar rocket and a couple of Astro's all from charity/bric a brac stores and...

... a Heritage/Halloween Astro gifted to me from my dear sister.

Some awesome (not a word I use very often) new members came aboard 'Starship Goo' this year  ;)

Excellent kickoff everybody! There have been some memorable scores amongst us indeed. I know the main score for me has been the awesome community here, you rock!

My years best collection scores would have to be my yellow/red Wizard, claiming a piece of the UK with my Astro and getting to see my dads Adriatic wave on once again! (I have a yet to be revealed score arriving on the 16th, details to come)

I know some highlights from fellow members me would be the completion of Critters Princess/Imperial union, purple glitter Wizard jet-setting over seas to Pete, Jim leading me to the land of ferro and bringing on another four legged family member, Analog getting his swirl on, Keith wrangling his beloved squiggle, Carol going crazy with her goo-kits and Verax snagging a killer deal on a Grande Starship. I have a feeling I am forgetting some but there is no limit to the thread posts, they will come to me. To the year of rarity and selling for double ;)

Best score this year (and probably the best I'll ever find) was a blue/white Giant for $25. Aside from that, I also nabbed an Aztec and (thanks to Autumn) a red marble base/cap to go with the grey marble I snagged this year. Got to keep the good karma flowing into the new year, so I'm gifting a complete set of swirls to some old & dear friends this Christmas.

Best find for me, has to be the grande starship for $45.  :)

Outside of that, I started out with a single lamp at the beginning of the year, that I had since the mid 90's. I'm now going to tend the year with 22 lamps!  I don't see myself going much more than that.  I see myself collecting and kitting globes, but there is only really one more lamp that I really want.  (a nice crestworth lantern)

Anyhow, been quite a year for me with lava.  I'm so happy that I stumbled upon this community, that helped me learn about this fun hobby!  :)

It has been a good Lava year!  Got the green neon grande, as well as a squiggle lamp.  And several other new and used.  Quite pleased with most of the new ones.  Found a cabinet to display lamps in, 6 - 32 oz, 5 - 52 oz, and 3 grandes.  Found a vintage buffet to display vintage lamps on.  And found several new friends here.  

Thank you!

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