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The coil on the bottom has come apart, and the liquid got dirty, and the lamp needs a complete inner replacement. Anyone know where I can get all of what I need? I'm assuming there are coils out there, just cannot find any. 

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Is it for a grande?

I know people restore them so someone should be able to point you in the right direction.

Claude J said:

Is it for a grande? Indeed, it's for a grande. Now everything is murky looking cuz the coil just got nasty. I only got to use it for about six months before it did this.

I usually restore lamps, but I'm in middle of packing to move soon,

Besides,your shipping back and forth would almost be as much as buying a new one with free shipping on LL website that also has them  on sale right now for 20% off


Also, keep an eye on ebay, I got one for $40 (including shipping) fro a liquidator that arrived in 100% great shape



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