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I have just bought a copper hunter lamp (Crestworth?)
It has some serious dents and I probably have to re-wire but i really liked the Floating Fibres in this one.
I did not pay much for it and i Hope I can fix it up a little.
Has anyone experience with removing dents out of a lamp like this one ?
I heared things like using the back of a spoon? And making it warm ?
somebody knows anything about do’s and dont’s?
here is a picture

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Best i have found is to heat up the damaged area with a wide flame on propane torch and use small tapping hammer and dolly to ease out the dents.Is al in having the properly shaped dolly (can make from wood if need be) and a softwood (pine) base to hammer out the dents. It will never get perfect through

My Plating shop I use does that, then uses lead to fill the void, sands with various grits down to 1200, copper plates it, sands and polishes it again, then plates it for a final time.

The Hunter Lamp I bought on Ebay arrived today and I must say the dents were not as bad as I expected them.

I simply used a wooden piece of a broomstick and the plastic handle of a screwdriver and by just hand I was able to push out the dents from the inside. The copper is not very hard so most of the visible damage is gone already. This was done within 5 minutes. So I expect with some efforts and some time i will be able to make It smooth again.

I have also replaced the electric Plug for an European plug, (it had a UK plug) and tried it  and it worked perfectly.

Next thing I have to solve is the fluid level  it is a bit low so i have to fill it up a little.

I already know the original fluid is not water but i dont know yet  what to use to fill it with??

I like that particular shape of base. Hunter's have character. I say leave the dents and scratches. All part of an old lamps charm. Having said that, I guess you can 'iron out' the dints.



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