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Not much is known about the Florence Art company. Their address was 851 W. Washington Street, Chicago, IL 60607. It is believed they were in existence from about 1959 - 1977. 


Glitter lamps had silver flake and brass-plated bases. There were single, double and triple lamp variants. While not extremely rare, they are not common either. They tend to survive fairly well due to their sturdy construction.


Use no more than a 10-watt bulb in the little FA lamps. 

Models included: Astro-Lite, Stardust Lite, Magic Lite. 

Model info. Unless otherwise noted, there is a push-button switch on the lamp base. Gold-colored lamps are brushed brass unless noted. Black lamps are semi-gloss painted.

-- Florence Art Co. "Astro Lites" --

1: Large globe, brass or black.

2: Same as 1 but small globe, brass only.

3: Similar to 1, with wire cage stand instead of base. Switch on cord. Brass or black, brass stand.

4: Similar to 1, three scrolled metal legs instead of pedestal. Switch on cord. Gold-painted or black.

5: Double, small globes, spindle arms and ring top. Flat finials below.

6: Same as 5, large globes.

7: Same as 6, plus tapered wood column, tapered downward. Ring top.

8: Similar to 7, wood column is tapered upward. Bent support arms attach horizontally.

9: Similar to 7, bent support arms attach vertically into small crossbar, flat finials below. Wood column is tapered downward.

10: Similar to 9, arms slightly different bend. Wood column tapers upward.

11: Same as 10, with ornate brown plaster urn instead of wood column. Ball top.

12: Similar to 1, with wider pedestal. Three large globes, each at different height.

13: Same as 12, small globes, smaller diameter pedestal.

14: Three large globes on wood base, center set higher than other two. Light or dark wood.

15: Wall sconce. Large globe, set inside half-cylinder of black expanded screen. Black rods on sides. Brass end caps with ball ends, black bands. Loop for hanging. Switch on cord.

-- Heat Tapes "Stardust Lites" --

These use a Consort-style globe with polished gold cap. Base has an ornate lattice gold cylinder around inner brass base, atop wood-styled pedestal with switch. Heat Tapes also made Lava Lite knock-offs called "Bubble Lites" using the same base and globe.

HT1: Flat wood pedestal. HT2: Flared metal pedestal.

-- Pagoda Lamp Co. --

PG: Tapered and flared parts. Base cone tapers downward to flared pedestal. Globe tapers upward. Small gold plastic finial cap.

-- Unknown lamps --

Narrower globe, taller cap than verified Heat Tapes models. Switch on base.

UN1: Metal pedestal with brown wood-grain. UN2: brass pedestal.

ORN: Large globe. Ornate cast-metal base and top identical, with gilt finish. Matching pedestal topped by stone disk. Switch on base?

-- MasterCrafters Clock & Radio Co. --

MC1A, MC1B: 434 Magic Lite. Tenite plastic case, brown or painted off-white respectively. Small glitter tube with curved aluminum reflector. Switch for light.

MC2A, MC2B: 46 Action Starlight. Gold-painted base, clear glass dial with painted numbers. Two small globes in holders. Light switch on back. Numbers may be rounded or squared, respectively.

Oil glitters came in many colors, from clear to yellow, amber, orange, flame, red, medium blue, blue-purple, emerald and chartreuse. All have silver-colored glitters.



http://vintageglitters.carbonmade.com/projects/61165 - from Jonas

Updated list and info from Jonas here: https://oozinggoo.ning.com/photo/florence-arts-other-oil-glitters 

http://vintageglitters.carbonmade.com/projects/54124#6 - Bryin


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