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I finally got a Saturna! Considering how much the last one I went for on eBay finally sold for...and I didn't win, I assumed I would just get lucky someday at a garage sale. I got this for about $80 with shipping. I wasn't expecting the flow to be great, but this is by far the cleanest vintage lamp I have had. All the others I ended up kitting...not this one. The flow is a little slow, but nothing like the boring Heritage Wizards.
The tag on the cap says model 300 1977, so I am assuming that either someone swapped the globe with a Carlisle once upon a time or they did at the factory. Either way doesn't matter to me...

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Comment by Josiah on December 17, 2014 at 7:20pm

Very nice, i'm looking for one too. I've noticed with lamps that haven't run in awhile that they need to run a few days on and off before they pick up speed. I got a Carlisle from a a local thrift shop for $10, and found the lava was very slow the first few days, then got so hot I needed a dimmer after about a week.

Comment by Christian BayLee on December 10, 2014 at 8:26am
Congratulations! I haven't seen that on eBay.. U must watch like a hawk. I saw a consort the other day, last time I checked it was past 70 bucks

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