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Shipping Instructions to Send Sellers

Just reposting instructions I like to send sellers when I purchase a lamp that's traveling via USPS etc. I'm posting as originally written by Weebotech. I modify it a bit as per my lamp situation.

I just did a search here to copy it again so thought I'd post for others who have never seen it or hadn't saved.

Dear Seller,

I am providing this page so that I may receive my purchase in as pristine condition as possible. I know I'm picky with these instructions, but they have saved some lamps from the carrier’s goal of destroying them. (Kidding, of course). Those who did not follow instructions were ruined. I would prefer to own the merchandise rather than have to file an insurance claim. It is a tedious process, and insurance does not cover the actual shipping charges. Furthermore, I take special pride in purchasing a used item that someone does not want/need anymore. It makes two people happy and keeps items from being trashed, out of the dumps and the ecosystem. It breaks my heart when items come in damaged, as I’m sure it breaks the seller’s heart considering it was once owned and cherished.

When shipping lava lamps, please consider the following precautions to protect my investment in your merchandise:

1. Make sure the lava (wax) is completely solid and the globe (glass vessel with fluid/wax) is cold before moving and packing it. Moving/packing while warm will cause the lava to break up and diffuse in the fluid. This causes the lamp to cloud and can ruin the globe permanently.

2. Remove the globe from the base and cap. Do not transport with the globe mounted on the base. It will bounce and shift during shipment which could cause it to crack (It has happened before) or dent the base. Lavaworld’s normal shipping setup is globe on bottom in corrugated cardboard box or Styrofoam mold with the base on top. This keeps the heaviest part on the bottom.

3. When placed in a box every part must remain completely immobile. Any movement could cause parts to break. If using Styrofoam peanuts, there must be enough so everything is really tight. Parts WILL shift during transit. Delicate parts need to be protected with bubble wrap.

4. If this is a ceramic icon series lamp and the metal sleeve inside the ceramic base moves, do something to anchor it so it does not shift around, i.e., Scotch tape, bubble wrap, saran wrap. If possible lift slightly and place bubble wrap between sleeve and ceramic.

5. The globe MUST travel vertically. I.E. the bottle cap top must face up. If it travels sideways the fluid will slosh around. The globe will then get cloudy and be ruined. Also, if the globe shifts, it could break through the box. If you are not using an original lava box, the globe must be wrapped very well in bubble wrap.

6. If using the original Lava box, it must be double boxed. Some models of the box are not strong enough for shipping.

7. When boxed, position the box as to where the globe remains vertical. The shipping label should be on top. This is how USPS/UPS usually stores it and hands it to me--label up. Arrows on every side should indicate which direction is UP. The box must be marked Fragile/Glass everywhere possible. (Consider that some people take all these precautions, but use a long box and put the label on the long side. This causes it to ship horizontally thereby clouding the globe.)

When shipping my purchase, please provide the tracking number upon shipment via email. This lets me have an idea of when my purchase ”should” arrive and helps us both to avoid a problem.

Feel free to call me with any questions.

Thank you for your consideration.

I know it sounds a bit "over the top", however, many sellers liked the instructions and commented on how it helped them get my new lamp to me free of damage.

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