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At 7:28pm on July 14, 2014, Rob said…

Thanks, Modulo '70!

I'm a novice at this stuff, but I hope to gain some knowledge as well as share what I've been up to.

I guess I should jump right in. I've emptied the contents of a store-bought lava lamp into another bottle to fabricate a new custom lava lamp. I know that manufacturers uniformly discourage opening them, and most say that doing so will ruin it. But at the same time, enthusiasts uniformly deny and disregard that directive...Haha. I have already emptied the contents of the store bought lamp into my custom bottle.

What I have seen very little about is the re-capping process. Is it better to do it cold? Or do it while it is hot and in motion? I think if if I cap it cold positive pressure (probably significant) will develop. If I cap it hot, it will draw a vacuum as it cools. One person I found online said you cap it cool and "burp it" as it heats up the first time. I think that would leave me back in the vacuum scenario when it cools again.

Any thoughts or experience on this one? I admit I haven't perused the site much yet so for all know this is the most F.A.Q. 



At 3:42am on June 17, 2014, Aladdin 2 Lava said…

Happy birthday Jerome... stay your way !

Pete xxx

At 10:34pm on May 26, 2014, Curt Wilson said…

Ah! A fellow Ferrari Modulo fan! 

At 12:19pm on March 17, 2014, VOXul said…

A wild Stratos Zero appears!

At 1:06am on February 8, 2014, MileHigh said…

Hey Jerome,

I can see that you have a very nice collection as well.

I particularly like your Glitterama Bullet lamp - really nice and really unbelievable how low of a price you paid for it!

At 5:31am on January 14, 2014, Arne said…
Hey Jerome, I'm getting rid of the last jet flock in purple.
At 2:19pm on December 1, 2013, Johnny said…

hi modula, since 2002 ive seen 3 mistrolites all in the last month, crazy !!!

At 6:34pm on October 18, 2013, Jerry, Esq. said…

thanks Modulo for the comment and the welcome! :)

At 7:16pm on October 14, 2013, Rocky said…

Why doing me, silly. Under neath my Lava-Lamp, Of course.

At 1:26pm on October 9, 2013, TERESSA FLETCHER said…

Thanks so much

At 1:25pm on October 9, 2013, TERESSA FLETCHER said…

Thanks so mch.

At 2:01pm on September 17, 2013, Tiffany Sybesma said…

Thank you, this site is so much fun.


At 11:30pm on September 2, 2013, James R said…

Hi Modulo '70,

I picked two of them up in the mid-90's from a second hand record shop in either Gloucester or Cheltenham, 25 quid each at the time I think.



At 1:03pm on August 7, 2013, Kyle Long said…
Awesome, thanks for the welcoming gesture! I think I'll fit in here very well!
At 6:44pm on April 29, 2013, Chantal said…

Thanks! It's very French so here in the US you don't run into it a whole lot!

At 5:44am on April 7, 2013, Markus said…

Hi Modulo '70,
you visited Mathmos factory in Poole, did you? Could you take a look at the workers filling the bottles?
Did they wear protective clothing like gloves or a mask or something?
I wonder if it's a good idea to do exchange of the fillings or other work on lava-lamps in my kitchen and the basin of my kitchen... where I also prepare my food.

At 8:12pm on April 6, 2013, Marley's Ghost said…

You are most welcome!   You have wonderful taste in both your lamps and your Tennessee liquor!    Our "canine" babies all agree!  Best Regards, Libby

At 5:00pm on April 6, 2013, Markus said…

Hi, I'm new here. You have a really nice collection! Markus.

At 1:35pm on April 2, 2013, Marley's Ghost said…

Thanks so much for the lovely gift and the welcome!!   I noticed a bottle of "Black Jack" in your pictures.  There's something great about a man who drinks Black Jack from Tennessee and lives in London.  :) 

At 1:53pm on March 8, 2013, d Woodger said…

Hi, I just picked up your message. I haven't realy thought of a price yet. Nothing to compare them with because there were only a few made for retailers. What do you think?


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