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At 11:21pm on October 15, 2011, Erin said…
Thanks for the add! ;)
At 10:25am on March 1, 2011, WeeboTech said…
At 10:12am on October 17, 2008, Jennifer said…
Wow, what an impressive collection! I have not been interested in the glitter lamps, but after seeing your collection I want one-they look very tasteful compared to what you usually see! I read an old post of yours about the tower lava lamp-I have one too, but i really dislike the colors-I would change them except that I can't get the top off. Have you tried to get yours off? It won't budge!
At 10:58am on October 11, 2008, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn said…
I love your Florence Art Company Gllitters
At 10:29pm on October 1, 2008, Galaxy_9 said…
I have to tell you that if it wasn't for your interview in the Collectibles Mag back in '95 I wouldn't be as into my collection as I am today! (I was then only 15) When I saw the Saturna and Capri along with the planter, I was hooked! So I wanted to say thanks and compliment you on your awesome collection, especially the spaghettis, fiber optics, and Fab 50's lamps / scupltures.
At 5:10am on August 16, 2008, Woodvetch said…
Nice take on the Hank Williams tunes man! Thanks for posting your myspace page.
Your lighting collections are... I'm speechless. Just went thru your pics 4 times and going back in again! WOWster. Wow Ster. Wow. wow.
At 8:00am on August 6, 2008, Goldar66 said…
Thank you so much! Those heads and sculptures are amazing!
I am envious of your Sputnik too!

At 4:00am on July 20, 2008, medicated goo said…
Dude, many thanks for turning me on to the Gordon Bradt Kinetco Electric Kinetic Sculptures. I just p/u a way clean fisherman and it so cool! I Love it as there is going to be many happy hours watching that dog trying to boat his catch. Thanks again for puttin me on to it!
At 2:39am on July 16, 2008, medicated goo said…
Thanks Bryin for the link and sharing all the cool collectibles that you pursue. It inspires me to keep searching and learning about more cool stuff to surround myself with. I am finding the collecting of the lamps and other things brings me much joy and you are opening more doors for me to enter and explore - Thanks again!!
At 10:18pm on July 14, 2008, Jen P. said…
Good luck Bryin, I hope you win!!!
Jen P.
At 1:59pm on June 20, 2008, dave p. said…
Hi Bryin, Thanks for the comment!

As for rarer, I have a consort, elegant, and elegant planter with original flowers that are all coming up for sale. Both of the elegants are all original and flow beautifully. I might also have a Gem Lite glitter and a Capri as well.

Do you have any of the elek-trick series?

Take care, Dave
At 11:44am on June 10, 2008, Jen P. said…
Hi there. I saw a Florence Art Co. lamp on ebay the other day. I could not be there for the end of the auction, so I had to bid early. At the last minute I was outbid by a dollar. Here is a link to the auction that I lost:
I just love this type of lamp and would love to find one. I am not sure it was yours, but I saw a link that had a wonderful collection of these (also there was the same photo from another link owned by "Suffering Clown" - but I couldn't find them on oozinggoo): http://vintageglitters.carbonmade.com/projects/54124
Are these yours? They're really magnificent!!! I am hoping that you could help me. I have no reference for the value of these or the rarity of these Florence Art Co. glitters. I would love to know what these go for and how often they show up, as well as if you know ANYWHERE that I might be able to buy one. Any information that you could share would be greatly appreciated. If these aren't yours and you have no idea what I am talking about, please forgive me (I am a newcomer and just joined last night).

P.S. I do a lot of antique/flea market shopping and see lots of stuff. If you're interested in something in particular, please let me know (post a photo and give me some details) and I will have a good look around for you.

Thanks very much for your time and help.


Jen P.
At 12:24pm on February 3, 2008, WeeboTech said…
We'll have to get together sometime!
I'm Game!


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