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So, I am quickly learning that LETGO seriously kicks ass for lava lamp/glitter lamp finds. For me it's much better than eBay and Craigslist.

I use it on my phone and it's so easy it's scary. I pay in cash and get the item immediately. Yes you have to be carefull and meet in public places if and when possible and you should have someone with you if going to someones residence so you don't end up as a lamp shade or second skin (silence of the lambs) in someones basement.

Today I scored a #121D Full lamp with the light holes on the base. I am not sure what the model is called. 52oz bottle. I got this lamp for less than a happy meal lol.

Yet another dark color combo. The liquid is nice and clear. Lamp is warming up at the moment so will take video and post by weekend.

This is my second dark color combo and having a hard to finding a way to see the beauty of them when sitting in my living room. I have to stand up and look down at them to actually see what is going on, with liquid that does not have cloud issues.

Every photo I take, the camera makes them look less dark than they actually are. I haven't figured out why the camera makes them look less dark.

This is my first one with holes in the base so I am not complaining at all. Just want to figure out how to enjoy them from across my living room.

Photos :)




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It looks good.  From the cap code I would say it was made on 4/26/02 (020426 on the cap, year, month, day), among the last of the USA production.  The base is an Aristocrat.  Is it silver or gold?

I think you have a good chance that this lamp will be a great flowing lamp, they tend to be among the best USA lamps.  If it is just too dark you can try sun fading it.  Put the globe in a sunny location for a few days (summertime) or a few weeks (winter).  Just be sure to monitor it so don't overdo it.

Or you can just send it to me, you have my address.  lol

But seriously,


Keith, thanks, after it warmed up last night it did flow great. Very nice and gooey, etc with alot of pulsating column formations. By the way does it require a frosted or clear bulb. There is a frosted in their right now. The new ones use clear but for some reason the older ones I get have frosted bulbs.

The base and cap is silver. Thank you for the name. I knew it was something close that lol.

I don't think I would want to sun fade any US made lamps (china ones, I don't see an issue with fading them lol), I will play with different backgrounds on the wall, maybe with some fabric from walmart of some white foam core. My walls are more beige and lighting in my place is only via floor lamp as there is no overhead lighting.

LOL on sending it to you, you just never know what you might get that I might have interest in trading for one day :)

Oh, I will get a video up shortly :)

Ah, frosted vs clear.  My thoughts; clear for colored fluid globes (more light to offset the darker fluid), frosted for clear fluid globes (clear fluid can look hazy from excess light).  Except for the following; sluggish flowing globes can benefit from the extra heat a clear bulb releases, and a globe that tends to overheat may do better with a frosted bulb.

That being said, I use clear nearly all the time as that's all I can usually find.

^^ Thanks, I just wanted to make sure there would be no ill affect by using one over the other :)

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