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Hi there you beautiful lavaheads... being a lavahead myself, I am curious... was there ever an enchantress that was all green? I remember being at my cousin's house and going up into the loft of an old hay barn where he hung out. There were old Atari games and posters of Van Halen...but what I noticed the most was his all green planter lava lamp. It was not plugged in or flowing but I could tell that the wax was green as was the base and cap (the latter were pretty obvious.) 

Just wondering if there were any planter/enchantress lamps that were all a medium green.

After seeing his when I was a kid, I wanted an all green lava lamp... well... my profile picture shows that I ideed got one for my 6th birthday in 1996.

Anyway... does anyone know or possibly his lamp was painted custom???

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Yes there was an all green one, but it had a felt finish. Model 8409 "Mexicali Avacado". Came with lime green wax in "green mist" liquid. There was also an orange and gold model with a similar felt finish.

Here is a topic on it. http://oozinggoo.ning.com/forum/topics/textured-green-elegant-encha...

Autumn has it. Flocked surface, yellowish-green in color. Green liquid. Was the slender type, though. The more common, later Enchantress Planter only came in brass (aside from the fantasy "Midnight Planter" lamps a few collectors have made) but was offered in a 4th color combo vs. the standard three of its era, the same lime/green as the flocked green lamp.

Thanks for the replies! I knew someone would have some info on this rarity. It must have been the avocado lamp from the above link… I remember the master fluid being clear on his but he may have had a different globe than what would have been the original. Who knows at this point. I’ll have to ask him if he still has it around. 

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