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For Those Interested in Making Your Own Lamps,

I know how difficult it is to find parts. I was wondering how much demand there is for empty bottles for those of you that prefer to goo kit your own lamps? I have a supplier of bottles/bases and can buy large quantities now. It's everything you need to make your own lamp minus a goo kit and spring. Everything else from bottle, socket, bulb, base, cord, and cap included. Also, this could potentially be an opportunity for an enterprising goo head that feels up to the challenge of making his/her own lamps for resale. Just throwing that out there.

Additionally, I may have a large supply of overstock 30 watt bulbs in the coming months to get rid of as well. I just started researching their retail value and am surprised at how much they seem to go for on amazon and ebay. What would you say is a fair price for a 30 watt bulb? I'm seeing a $4-8 range. I guess it helps the big hardware stores don't carry this type.

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What size are the globes and what do you mean "motion lamps"?  Are these just simply empty LL bottles or a different shape?  Maybe you can post a pic of what they look like cause i'm a little confused by the term "motion lamps"....

I have arround 20 empty Mathmos Astro bottles for sale too. All are made 2014.

If anybody is interested... please PM me :)

I dont want much for a bottle... maybe 4€/piece.

I use the term 'motion lamp' rather than the popular term lava lamp because the Lava Lite corporation has copyrighted both the term and the shape of thier bottle. The bottles I have are a different shape that is not copyrighted. I get the lamps completely empty direct from the manufacturer. Again, this comes with EVERYTHING except the actual goo and spring. It is a volume of about 450 mL in a cylinder shape. Here's a link with a picture and description.

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